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to generate the java source code for executing the applet. Open source code of Astrolabe is here. There is also a Live demo of Astrolabe application there. Many more details are available in Open Source Astrolabe site. Q: Is the current US administration racist? There are many people who believe that the current US administration (Trump and his advisors) is racist, and the reason behind this belief is the Executive Order regarding entry ban on the citizens from the 7 majority-Muslim countries. However, I don't see any clear evidence in the public, mainstream media or on websites that the current administration is racist. In fact, I can't find any evidence that Trump's advisors are racist or they are influenced by some racial motive in their thought processes. In my opinion, it is true that racism is prevalent in our society, but if you read the newspapers or watch the media, you will never read something like that. The question is: Do you know any sources that clearly prove that the current US administration is racist? A: Trump himself has an acknowledged racist past. He has made racist remarks in the past, including about African-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Syrian-Americans, and even speaking in favor of the death penalty in other cases. Trump's past is well documented, for example, in the text of the book 'The Art of the Comeback' by Bob Woodward: It is worth noting that the president has acknowledged an affinity for hate groups, and has even warned of the dangers of political correctness in describing them: "I am not a racist, I am the least racist person you have ever interviewed," Trump said in a wide-ranging interview that was conducted with Bill O'Reilly at Trump Tower in New York. It's also worth noting that Trump has appointed several individuals who have a history of racist, racist remarks, or who have openly white supremacist views. Aristide Guergamp, National Security Adviser to John Bolton in the Administration of Trump I believe appointed a former executive of the KKK. The list





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